Free Music!

Do you need some free background music for your Youtube video or your student film? You've come to the right place!

The music that's available in this website can be licensed for a small fee to be used in any kind of projects, however, the music that you will find in this section of the site is available under a Creative Commons "Attribution-NonCommercial" license, that means that you can download it and use it in your videos as long as :

  • you are not making money from your video...
  • ...and you remember to credit me (Luis Valoyes) as the composer!

Feel free to download and use any song from this section of the site in your non commercial projects.

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Coffee Break

A full of energy, happy and positive pop/rock tune, with ukulele, flute, guitars, bass and drums. Ideal for corporate, video games, comedy, family, friends, advertising and more.

Rainy Sunday

A nice piano tune with a positive, joyful feeling. Ideal for documentary, romance, family, advertising and more.

You, The Platypus

Tense verses and a joyful chorus come together in this pop/rock tune. A flute is in charge of the melody, supported by strong drums, bass, and keyboards. Ideal for action, adventure, suspense, advertising and more.


An orchestrated reggaeton tune, with a joyful melody, using trumpets, piano, flute, bass and drums. Ideal for dance scenes, travel, the caribbean, latin america, advertising, and more.

One Way Out

Nostalgic and romantic piece, using traditional asian instruments for the main melody, supported by piano, strings, mallets and guitars. Ideal for romance, documentary, travel, adventure and more.

The Lightning

Modern sound with traditional instruments in this pop/rock tune. Some oriental sounding plucked strings carry the melody, supported by drums, bass, brass and strings. Ideal for corporate, advertising, drama, action, adventure and more.

Creative Commons License
Each one of these songs by Luis Valoyes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License