Licensing Store

Here you can purchase and download original, royalty free music for your film, video and multimedia projects.

It's easy to purchase a license for a song, all you have to do is browse my library, listen to the preview of the songs, and once you have found a song that you like, click on the "Download" button [ ] to add it to your shopping cart.

License Terms

When you purchase a license for one of my songs you CAN :

  • Use the music in a tv or radio advertisement.
  • Use the music in videos, films, trailers, games, or other multimedia projects that you were hired to make, intend to sell, distribute, or release to paid audiences or clients. (Reproduction of the project is included)
  • Use the music in a paid online podcast, or a podcast that generates revenue or donations through advertising or related services.
  • Stream, broadcast, or display the music on a commercial website (any website that generates revenue or donations), YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video aggregation website.
  • Use the music in software or videos released on DVD or CD ROM (excludes audio-only CDs) in any number.
  • Use the music in a live theatrical performance or as part of a concert performance where audience members pay or make donations to attend.
  • Use the music as part of a toy or any product available for purchase in a store or online. (excludes audio-only CDs and paid downloads)
  • Use the music in a public-voting film contest.